Upcoming Tutorials on Pasta Rest API

EDI is pleased to announce online video training for the PASTA REST API. This training will occur in two separate 1-hour presentations on July 11th and 18th at 2:00 P.M. (EDT). The presentations will be given by Mark Servilla and Duane Costa.

The first presentation on July 11, 2017 will provide an overview of REST web-services and how they apply to PASTA, PASTA API calls commonly used to discover data, and some real world examples of interacting with the PASTA API.

The second presentation on July 18, 2017 will provide more specific information pertaining to PASTA’s search interface, including an overview of Apache Solr and how to interact with Solr to query for data packages in PASTA. This training is highly recommend if you plan on attending the EDI/ESIP workshop on “Make a local LTER site data catalog using PASTA API”.