Make EML with the user friendly EMLassemblyline R code package

EDI hosted a session on how to archive and publish your ecological research dataset, at the 2017 ESA Meeting, Portland, OR.

This session was led by Susanne Grossman-Clarke, Colin Smith, and Corinna Gries. A video recording of the content will be made available on the EDI YouTube channel soon!

Session description: Do you need or want your ecological research data to be publicly available? In this workshop we will show you how to document your data using the EMLassemblyline R code package and how to submit your dataset to the PASTA data repository. Bring your data and draft metadata and walk away with a data package that is citable with a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI). To gather your metadata before the workshop please download the EDI metadata template and make sure you have all the information needed. We will cover best practices for organizing your dataset and metadata content using the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). Although, this workshop is intended for scientists bringing their own data and metadata ready to publish during the workshop everyone interested in publishing data is welcome. Workshop organizers available for one-on-one consultations regarding submitting ecological research data to the PASTA repository. Please contact the organizers directly if you have any questions ( EDI is a member of the DataONE federation ( and all data packages may be searched and downloaded through the DataONE data portal.