Workshop “Publishing data packages in the EDI repository”

The Environmental Data Initiative conducted a workshop on publishing data packages in the EDI repository on 4-6 June 2019, at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. Participants were trained along with EDI’s 9 Summer 2019 Fellows.

The goal of our workshops on this topic was to enhance research projects’ efficiency in archiving their data packages in accordance with the standards developed by the ecological research community. Specifically, we showed how to create metadata compliant to the Ecological Metadata Language (EML) standard (v2.1.1) and prepare quality controlled data packages for archiving in the EDI data repository. Our workshop covered the following topics with hands-on exercises:

  • Preparation of data tables for archiving in accordance with QA/QC standards.
  • Discussion of metadata content.
  • Creating EML using R.
  • Publishing data packages in the EDI repository.
  • Using data packages in the EDI repository
Participants of the workshop on “Publishing data packages in the EDI repository” 4-6 June 2019