What are metadata and structured metadata?

EDI webinar on March 13, 2018

Speakers: Kristin Vanderbilt (EDI) and Margaret O’Brien (EDI).

A recording of the presentation is available on YouTube.

Presentation slides for the two parts of the webinar:

Metadata are essential to understanding a dataset. In her talk, Kristin discussed how structured metadata are used to document, discover, and analyze ecological datasets. She will also offer some tips for creating quality metadata content. Margaret gave an introduction to the metadata language used by EDI, Ecological Metadata Language (EML). EML is written in XML, a general purpose mechanism for describing hierarchical information, so she will also describe some general XML features and how these apply to EML. This is the fourth webinar in EDI’s series on the “5 phases of data publishing”, as detailed on EDI’s website under “Resources” here.