New features of ezEML

EDI webinar on March 15, 2022

Speaker: Jon Ide (EDI, UW-Madison)

Video recording:

ezEML is EDI’s web-based tool that lets even EML newbies create and edit EML metadata for their data packages. When ezEML was first introduced, we demonstrated its Release 1.0 features in a webinar ( But a lot has changed since then. A number of significant new features have been added, and another ezEML webinar seems called for. We demonstrated what’s new, answered questions, and welcomed feedback. A few of the most significant additions:

  • Re-upload of data tables and other data entities.
  • Cloning column properties from one data table to another.
  • Export/import complete ezEML data packages, including metadata and all data files. Such packages can be downloaded locally, or you can share a URL with others that lets them download the packages from our servers and open them in ezEML.
  • Send a data package directly to a colleague or to EDI’s data curation team.
  • Import EML XML files that were created outside of ezEML.
  • Fetch a data package directly from the EDI data repository and open it in ezEML in a single step. Optionally, fetch the associated data files as well.
  • Create ezEML templates that are hosted on our servers and available for use by everyone on your team.

All ezEML users should benefit from these and other new features, but a number of them may be of particular interest to information managers. We demonstrated their use, and we hope you’ll like what you see.