Create a local data catalog on your website.

EDI webinar on April 24, 2018

Speakers: Margaret O’Brien (EDI) and Duane Costa (EDI)

A recording of the presentation is available on YouTube.

Presentation slides are available here.

Now that your datasets are in a public repository, there are two basic ways to create a catalog of them, which we will introduce in this webinar. The first is simple: for a few datasets, you can list them on your own webpage, with a static link to the dataset in the EDI portal. Second, if you have many datasets, or want to customize the display, we will introduce you to the PASTA+ search API so you can capitalize on EDI repository web services. With this method, you can customize and style locally, without having to store data or metadata.

This is the 7th and last webinar in EDI’s series on the 5 phases of data publishing.