EDI at the virtual 2020 OBFS Annual Meeting

General information on the 2020 OBFS Annual Meeting.

Workshop: “Environmental Data Initiative: Data Cleaning and Archival Bootcamp”

Workshop Leaders: Jason Tallant (UMBS), Kristin Vanderbilt (EDI), Colin Smith (EDI), Jon Ide (EDI), Susanne Grossman‐Clarke, Aaron Ellison (Harvard University)

Sep. 14, 2020: Workshop “Environmental Data Initiative: Data Cleaning and Archival Bootcamp”, 2020 OBFS Annual Meeting.

Part 1 & Part 2

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Modern science has mandated the curation and re‐use of environmental data. The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) was funded by NSF to accelerate curation, archiving, and publishing of environmental data. EDI and its partners assist researchers from field stations, individual laboratories, and research projects of all sizes to archive and publish their environmental data. EDI provides a secure data repository and data curation support for ecological research projects with emphasis on NSF funded programs such as OBFS and member stations.

EDI, LTER, and OBFS partners offered a workshop with two sections. The target audience for the first part were personnel who need to understand the process of data archiving, but will not be engaged in the technical aspects of processing data for archive. The second part was appropriate for personnel who intend to publish data themselves in the future.

The topics covered in the workshop were:

  1. Organizing data into publishable units (What is a dataset, raw vs. processed data?)
  2. Creating clean data for archiving (What are publishable data? Concepts of a single table and clean data)
  3. Describing data with metadata (Metadata content and scope, the Ecological Metadata Language EML)
  4. Descriptive metadata, version control, and provenance ‐ similarities and differences
  5. Your data in the EDI repository (video)
  6. Citing your data (data catalog on website)

Part 1 offered a high level overview of data management and a description of the data publishing process (data documentation, data formatting, data repositories).