EDI Workshop on “Soils Harmonization”

April 14-16, 2020, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), Santa Barbara, CA

There are a few openings for participants in this workshop. For more information contact Margaret O’Brien (margaret.obrien@ucsb.edu).

EDI is planning a third thematic data harmonization workshop focused on soils data, particularly for that data’s use in synthesis. EDI has participant support funds for travel, accommodation and meals. Since this will be a relatively small group (12-15) with hands-on work, we will tailor workshop activities to take best advantage of participants areas of expertise. For that reason, we do not yet have a formal agenda, but will certainly be developing one with your input.

Organizers: Margaret O’Brien (EDI, UCSB; margaret.obrien@ucsb.edu) and Stevan Earl (CAP-LTER, ASU; stevan.earl@asu.edu)

This workshop will address dataset formats, metadata content and data manipulation scripts in the thematic area of long-term studies of soil. These data are currently of particularly high demand for several synthesis projects. We would like to assemble a group of data scientists involved with those projects and data managers familiar with the data to address their high degree of heterogeneity and availability/discoverability. The workshop has three major goals: (1)  to assist with data assembly/formatting needs for soils data, (2) summarize the formats, code, packaging patterns, metadata content, and vocabularies that work best, and (3) build formal recommendations for data providers. We have attached a 1-page PDF summarizing EDI’s harmonization approach.

For more information on EDI’s data harmonization efforts see: https://environmentaldatainitiative.org/dataset-design/.