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Previous events with links to available recordings and presentation slides.

Monthly Webinars

We host our webinars on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 2pm Eastern Time (11am Pacific). Please register and obtain the connection information with the links provided below. Many of the webinars are recorded and available in our YouTube archive.

We present unique as well as re-occurring topics on data publishing best practices, tools and new developments and you have the opportunity to join us with your questions on everything EDI during our regular “Town Halls”.

  • April 20, 2021 at 2PM ET: “Update on ezEML – a form-based online application for creating metadata in EML“. Jon Ide (EDI). Register here.
    EDI recently released ezEML, a form-based, online, do-it-yourself tool for creating metadata in the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). You don’t need to know EML to create metadata using ezEML. In a webinar back in October, we presented an overview and demo of the initial release of ezEML. A lot has changed since then. Join us for a demonstration of new ezEML features, highlighting, among other things, on-the-fly metadata checking, missing value code detection, and the ability to re-upload data tables and other entities, to clone selected column attributes from one data table to another, to create metadata for related projects, and to submit metadata and data files to EDI with a single click.

The webinars are announced through our website, newsletter and an email to our list a few days before the webinar. Contact us at info@environmentaldatainitiative.org if you have a requests for a webinar topic.

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