The EDI team consists of highly motivated and experienced data practitioners, software developers, and research scientists.

Corinna Gries (PI)

Corinna Gries is Principal Investigator of EDI and is based at the University of Wisconsin. Corinna leads the data curation, outreach and training activities of EDI and can be reached at

Mark Servilla (PI)

Mark Servilla is Principal Investigator of EDI and is based at the University of New Mexico. Mark leads the development of the PASTA data repository software and can be reached at

James Brunt

James Brunt provides system administration and data management in support of the EDI data repository and is based at the University of New Mexico. James may be reached at

Jon Ide

Jon Ide is a software developer for EDI. Jon has master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and is just completing a master’s in Biomedical Data Science. He has years of experience in software development and working with scientific data. He’s based in Madison, Wisconsin and can be reached at

Margaret O’Brien

Margaret O’Brien will assist in the design and development of efficient means to assure data submission by community members based on needs assessments and community science priorities. Margaret is based at the University of California at Santa Barbara and may be reached at

Vedang Sharma

Vedang is EDI’s Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison and is experienced in building platforms & infrastructure. You can reach out to him at  

Colin Smith

Colin is a part of EDI’s data curation team and works with data providers to clean, document, and submit their data to the EDI repository. He also works with the EDI community to develop data management software tools and helps run workshops and training events. Colin works through the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives in Edmonds… Continue reading Colin Smith

Kristin Vanderbilt

Kristin Vanderbilt supports the Data Management as a Service activity. Kristin splits her time between the EDI and as an Information Manager of the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER site. She is based at the University of New Mexico. Kristin can be reached at  

Duane Costa (retired)

Duane Costa is a retired team member. He worked as a lead developer for the EDI data repository software until June 2019.