Phase 4. Submit your data package

There are two methods for data submission: either you have created EML metadata yourself or EDI has created metadata for you (refer to Phase 3. Create Metadata). The first pathway is faster, because you know your data best, there is less back-and-forth and the process is less asynchronous. This is the better choice for those who know a small bit of the R programming language, and can perform one or two trial uploads. Usually, data managers use this pathway, as do computationally adept scientists.

Many scientists are not versed in metadata creation or working with the repository. In these cases, EDI will help you, and you will have already worked with an EDI data manager on the metadata in Phase 3. At the submittal stage, your main task is to rewview and approve data package drafts.

Do-It-Yourself (for data managers and other R-coders)

  • How to submit a dataset

Get help from EDI

  • Review/approve drafts