Make EML with R

The Ecological Metadata Language (EML) is a metadata standard developed by the ecological community for persistence, discoverability, and reuse of ecological data. While the highly detailed structure of the EML schema is necessary to meet these ends, it confronts the inexperienced data provider with a steep learning curve that few have time to tackle. To lower the bar for data documentation, while still maintaining metadata detail and quality, we’ve created the EMLassemblyline R code package. A user-friendly workflow to help craft high quality EML metadata yourself. The assembly line is useful for publishing one-off data packages or to provide a foundation for a data package factory.

The assembly line requires little operational knowledge of the R programming language or technical understanding of the EML schema. All you need is to know your dataset and how it was made, a little patience for following our step by step instructions, and how to operate a spread sheet editor. If this is your first time on the assembly line, it may take the better part of a day to become oriented and to produce your first EML metadata file.