Data published by EDI’s 2020 Fellows

We supported ten fellows who conducted data management and publishing work for specific research sites. The program was held entirely online. For a list of host research sites, on-site mentors and fellows, see here. Each fellow made a significant contribution to publishing the host site’s data, for long-term data preservation and making the data discoverable (in the EDI repository, DataONE and by internet searches). These testimonials by Ashley Whipple and Claire Pavelka express the benefits of the fellowship in learning about and receiving training in data publishing:

The training that I received during my EDI summer fellowship opened my eyes to the world of data management. Great care and thought are required for good data archiving and EDI provided great resources and training for doing so.

– Ashley Whipple | Fellow at Pepperwood Preserve (Read Ashley’s full testimonial)

This experience improved my skills in data management and R, as I had to work with ‘real-life’ ecological data. The fellowship also provided an opportunity for me to make an impact on the future of conservation and restoration in the Sierra’s and opened my eyes to the world of data science.

– Claire Pavelka | Fellow at Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory – (Read Claires’s full testimonial)

Published data packages

Featured data packages from our fellows

Halbur, M.M., T.L. Comendant, N. Barden, A.L. Whipple, and E. Micheli. 2020. Annual Point Count Breeding Bird Survey at Pepperwood Preserve in the California Coast Ranges 2007-2019 ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative.

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