Training, Webinars & Workshops

Previous events with links to available recordings and presentation slides.

Upcoming Events:


Please register and obtain connection information for our next webinars with the links provided about one week before with the webinar information below.

  • DATE TO BE DETERMINED, 2 PM ET: “Database tables to store annotation metadata for EML 2.2.” Speakers: Margaret O’Brien (UCSB/EDI).
  • DATE TO BE DETERMINED, 2 PM ET: “EML 2.2: An overview of new features” Speaker: Margaret O’Brien (UCSB/EDI).
  • DATE TO BE DETERMINED, 2 PM ET: “Using PASTA+ event subscriptions” Speakers: Mark Servilla (UNM/EDI).


  • Data Publishing Workshop (July 23-24, 2019) at the Belle W. Baruch Institute for Coastal Ecology and Forest Science.
  • EDI plans to host a workshop in 2019 on the use of existing vocabularies in EML annotation (ENVO, EnvThes, LTER Controlled Vocabulary). EDI will work with LTER and the broader community to develop topics for discussion.  Watch for future announcements about how you may participate!

Meeting and Conference Contributions

  • ESIP Summer Meeting (16-19 July 2019, Tacoma, WA): Please see here for a list of EDI contributions.
  • ESA 2019 Annual Meeting (11-16 August 2019, Louisville, KY): For EDI’s contributions, please see here.