Santa Barbara Channel Marine BON: Integrated fish

Miller R., A. Rassweiler, D. Reed, K. Lafferty, L. Kui, M. O’Brien. 2017. Santa Barbara Channel Marine BON: Integrated fish. Environmental Data Initiative. Dataset accessed 7/13/2017.

The Santa Barbara Channel Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (BON) tracks long-term patterns in species abundance and diversity. This dataset contains counts of fish (including cryptic fish, which are deliberately sought out) produced by integrating data from four contributing projects working in the kelp forests of the Santa Barbara Channel, USA. This dataset includes three entities, two data tables and R code. The main data table contains counts of organisms, the area over which that number was counted and the height above the bottom. Data were collected by human observation (divers using SCUBA) during regular surveys. The column labeled “count” records the number of organisms found in each plot/transect at a given timestamp. A second data table contains place names and geolocation for sampling sites. Information is sufficient for the calculation of fish density, which is left to the user. Sample R-code is included (third entity) to illustrate generation of a basic table of areal density by taxa and sampling site. See Methods for information on integration and data processing. The four contributing projects are two research projects: the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER (SBC LTER), the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO), the kelp forest monitoring program of the Santa Barbara Channel National Park and the San Nicolas Island monitoring program supported by USGS. Together, these projects have recorded data for more than 200 species at approximately 100 sites on both the mainland coast and on the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Sampling began in 1982 and is ongoing.


Giant kelp Forest

Ron H. McPeak, “Giant kelp forest,” in Digital Collections, Item #16835, (accessed July 13, 2017).

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