EDI Interactive Online Training

EDI offers interactive online training on a number of topics, in a variety of formats. We provide individual and multiple lessons that focus on a single topic, but with varying levels of  detail. We also conduct comprehensive online data publishing training, as a day-long event or a series of shorter webinars which are distributed over several days. Additionally, we offer consultations in design and implementation of a data publication workflow that best meets your needs. Please contact us at info@environmentaldatainitiative.org if you would like to request online training.

Catalog of lectures

1. About EDI: Benefits, challenges and steps of data publishing

  • The Environmental Data Initiative: Core activities and services for data curation.
  • Our Data Repository: Trustworthy and endorsed.
  • Benefits & challenges of data publishing.
  • Overview of the data publishing workflow.

2. The data publishing workflow for tabular ecological data

  • Organizing data into publishable units: What is a dataset? What are raw versus processed data?
  • Creating clean data for archiving: What are “clean” or publishable data? The concept of a single table.
  • Describing data with metadata: The importance of metadata content and scope. Filling out the EDI metadata template.
  • Creating metadata in the Ecological Metadata Language: Using the EML Assemblyline.
  • The EDI data repository: Architecture, services and uploading data.
  • Citing data: Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Creating a catalog of your data on a local website. How to reference your data packages?

3. On-boarding of new Information Managers

  • Tools for creating EML, discussion lists

4. How to convert data into into a harmonized format.

  • Convert community observation data into ecocomDP format
  • Convert meteorological and hydrological data into the climDB 2.0 format

5. We teach The Carpentries curricula on fundamental programming and data management skills for tabular data