Data Publishing Workshops

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Data publishing is important for long-term data preservation, making the data discoverable as well as to fulfill the requirements of scientific journals and funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

If you are a field station, research program, or primary investigator and would consider a data publishing workshop please contact us at:

EDI has moved to remote instruction until it is safe to gather in person again. Currently EDI offers two types of data publishing workshops online:

  1. Researchers, technical staff or interns from your site could be trained along with our Summer Fellows at our 3-day data publishing workshops, taking place every year in June.
  2. Upon request, we provide a customized online workshop with a flexible duration that addresses the specific data publishing needs of your research organization. We will give an overview of the data publishing workflow, and if requested, train staff or students in more detail and consult you in design and implementation of a data publication workflow that best meets your needs. This approach facilitates development of a robust data publication workflow by accommodating participation of all personnel involved in the data-collection-to-use pipeline.

Previous data publishing workshops