Data Publishing Workshops

Data publishing is important for long-term data preservation, making the data discoverable as well as to fulfill the requirements of scientific journals and funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

If you are a field station, research program, or primary investigator and would consider a data publishing workshop at your institution please contact us at:

EDI offers two types of data publishing workshops:

  1. Researchers, technical staff or interns from your site could be trained at our 3-day data publishing workshops, held at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM, every year in June.
  2. Rather than sending your staff off-site for a week-long training event, an EDI team member visits your institution or research organization for 1-to-2-days and gives an overview of the data publishing workflow. If you wish, we will train staff or students in more detail and consult you in design and implementation of a data publication workflow that best meets your needs. This approach facilitates development of a robust data publication workflow by accommodating participation of all personnel involved in the data-collection-to-use pipeline. It allows EDI to efficiently identify and offer solutions to unique and challenging features of your workflows.

Previous data publishing workshops