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EDI welcomes software developer Jon Ide to the EDI team.

Jon has master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and is just completing a master’s in Biomedical Data Science. He’s new to the EDI world but has years of experience in software development and working with scientific data. Jon’s initial focus will be on supporting interoperability between EDI and DataONE by ensuring that data packages uploaded to the EDI data repository are discoverable and accessible through DataONE. He’s based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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More R functions for interacting with the EDI Repository API

The EDI Repository Data Package Manager and Audit Manager Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) facilitate automated data publication and science workflows. Thirty-six new R functions, supporting 60% of the available API calls, have been added to the EDIutils R library. The remainder will be added soon! Learn more about the functions and associated use cases at the EDIutils website.

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Request for contributions to “Databits”

“Databits” is a newsletter for environmental information management and
we’d like to get contributions from the wider environmental information
management community. The Spring 2019 issue is in preparation and we’d
love your input! Articles should be submitted to
by the Ides of March (15 March 2019). We would welcome contributions in all areas of environmental information management including feature articles, Tech Tips, reviews of books or articles and commentaries. Databits is a newsletter, so articles don’t need to be long and complicated. Just interesting and informative! If you’d like to look at past issues of Databits, they can be found at:


John Porter & Sven Bohm, Databits Editors