Duration-Based Temporal Search: A New EDI Data Portal Search Feature

The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) technical team is excited to announce an enhancement to its search & discovery interface. Have you ever wanted to discover data packages based on the timespan of their temporal coverages but independent of any particular calendar dates? You can accomplish this by using the EDI Data Portal’s new feature: duration-based temporal search. Continue reading “Duration-Based Temporal Search: A New EDI Data Portal Search Feature”

Community News

2019 Summer LTER Databits (on behalf of the LTER Network Office)

A full slate for the Summer 2019 Databits! Site Bytes makes a triumphant return after a long absence. There is also plenty of information on new initiatives, including upgrades to PASTA, Best Practices for using Zotero to manage bibliographic data, development of a core metabase for metadata management, a chance to catch up on a former colleague, some reports and article reviews and finally, an extended primer on semantic annotation. Enjoy! – John Porter & Sven Bohm, editors