“PASTA+ upload report” tool added to EDI Dashboard

The software team at the Environmental Data Initiative has recently added a “PASTA+ upload report” tool to the EDI Dashboard website ( that allows you to query and display a list of data packages for a given scope value and for a specific period of time. The list information includes the data package identifier, DOI (if present), upload date and time, and title (if requested). The list may also be downloaded as a CSV formatted file. Requesting the title for each data package may require additional processing time if older versions of a data package are in the list. This is because metadata for older revisions is not stored in our Solr search index and, therefore, require downloading and parsing of the EML metadata to obtain the title. Read more about the EDI Dashboard.

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Information Management Code Registry Nears Release!

The Information Management Code Registry  (IMCR) is a community informed resource to enhance the use and value of Environmental Science data by facilitating discovery of software solutions for information management needs. The primary goal of the IMCR is to create an extensive registry of information management software that is searchable by task (e.g. quality control) and other attributes (e.g. software language). Our secondary goal is to highlight coverage gaps of information management software and help shift redundant effort to new development. Continue reading “Information Management Code Registry Nears Release!”