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EDI is 40th DataONE Member Node

The contents of the EDI Data Repository is now discoverable through DataONE. EDI became the 40th DataONE Member Node when it registered its version of the DataONE Generic Member Node (GMN) software stack to synchronize EDI data content through the DataONE Federation.

DataONE enables universal access to data and also facilitates researchers in fulfilling their need for data management and in providing secure and permanent access to their data. DataONE offers the scientific community a suite of tools and training materials that cover all aspects of the data life cycle from data collection, to management, analysis and publication.

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Colin Smith as EDI Information Manager

Join us in welcoming Colin Smith to his new role as EDI’s official Information Manager! Colin has just completed his MS Degree in Ecology at UW-Madison, and is a skilled R programmer.   He will, among other duties, work with information managers in the LTER/LTREB/MSB/OBFS communities to establish the IM code library, assist with automating data processing procedures, and perhaps do some training.


PASTA now reports robot access

PASTA now records all “robot” requests to the audit logs. The audit log will now show the phrase “robot:” in the user column, along with the type of robot detected. For example:

robot: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

Suspect requests are flagged as a robot if found in a list of known offending user agents provided by the Counter project (, which is updated on a regular basis (about every 2-6 months). This feature was just released this past Wednesday evening (April 12, 2017) during our weekly updates. We are still fine-tuning the list to avoid false positives, but it is now functioning in the production PASTA environment.