EDI plans for EML 2.2

A new version of the Ecological Metadata Language (EML 2.2) was released recently with several significant additions. EDI is working with our community to explore the potential benefits of new EML features and how these work best for the data we handle, and to outline their incorporation into EDI systems. Feedback from a webinar indicated that several new EML features were high priority, and we have already adapted our data package views to display new content in a basic manner for project funding sources, taxonomic identifiers and semantic annotations at the dataset- and measurement- level. We also are migrating our harmonization format for community survey data (ecocomDP) to include annotation, and anticipate adapting ecocomDP creation code to include identifiers that we expect to appear in Level 0 (raw) data. We have begun the revision process of our Best Practices for EML Metadata material – anticipating new recommendations for EML 2.2 – by first migrating current versions to a more dynamic system using GitHub pages.

Moving forward, EDI will use lessons from this initial phase to plan for more advanced implementation, e.g., for more complex metadata display and external linkages, to improve dataset search precision and recall, and to promote the use of consistent terms from vetted vocabularies. For more information on EML or to follow related EDI projects, see:

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