Privacy Acceptance Policy

Dear EDI user,

You may have read in our October 2019 EDI News that we will be releasing an updated authentication interface on the EDI Data Portal. In conjunction with this release, we have adopted a new Privacy Policy statement that provides you with critical information regarding the data we collect about you and your rights pertaining to that data. As part of this roll-out, we ask that you acknowledge our Privacy Policy by accepting it when prompted during login. This is a “one-time” process* and covers your use of any EDI managed resources, including the EDI data repository, Data Portal, and project website, and on any of our tiered systems (production, staging, or development). If, however, you decline to accept our Privacy Policy, you will not be allowed to operate as an authenticated user on EDI’s resources; you may proceed to access all “public” content as an anonymous user in this state. We believe it is important that transparency exists when it comes to collecting and processing personal data, especially as we provide additional means for self-identification. If you have any comments or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please send them to Thank you.

*Revisions or modifications to our Privacy Policy may require another acknowledgement acceptance.

The Environmental Data Initiative

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