New Authentication Processing coming to EDI Data Portal

The EDI technical team is excited to begin a new phase in our user identity and authentication processing capabilities for the EDI data portal. Beginning this November, users will have the opportunity to identify themselves through 3rd-party identity service providers, including Google, GitHub, and ORCID, by using the OAuth/OpenID Connect protocols these organizations support. Users who login through one of these providers will eventually (late this year) be able to register their email address for data package tracking and notifications – a valuable feature to alert users of updates for data packages that they are following, such as if a new revision of a data package is added to the data repository or if a data package is found to contain erroneous or misleading data. These logins will not, however, replace the current EDI or LTER LDAP user accounts, which are still required to upload data packages and access certain tools from the EDI Data Portal. Following email registration, we will add “identity mapping” as another new feature so that you may link together identities, including those from the EDI and LTER LDAP accounts, to use whichever identity is most convenient for you. Look for identity mapping early next year.

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