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Information Management Code Registry Nears Release!

The Information Management Code Registry  (IMCR) is a community informed resource to enhance the use and value of Environmental Science data by facilitating discovery of software solutions for information management needs. The primary goal of the IMCR is to create an extensive registry of information management software that is searchable by task (e.g. quality control) and other attributes (e.g. software language). Our secondary goal is to highlight coverage gaps of information management software and help shift redundant effort to new development.

At the Summer 2019 Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Meeting in, Tacoma WA, we ran a session to update the community on recent IMCR activities and gather feedback to refine the project prior to public release scheduled for later this fall. The current state of the IMCR was well received and valuable recommendations for improvement were provided (Thank You!). The current list of action items to be completed before the release is available at the IMCR ESIP Cluster Wiki.

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