Duration-Based Temporal Search: A New EDI Data Portal Search Feature

The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) technical team is excited to announce an enhancement to its search & discovery interface. Have you ever wanted to discover data packages based on the timespan of their temporal coverages but independent of any particular calendar dates? You can accomplish this by using the EDI Data Portal’s new feature: duration-based temporal search.

A duration value, representing the timespan of the data package in years, has been calculated and indexed as a searchable field for every data package in the EDI Data Repository that documents its temporal coverage using “beginDate” and “endDate” metadata values.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to find all data packages in the EDI Data Repository with a duration of at least 20 years. These are the steps you would follow:

  1. Browse to the EDI Data Portal at ;
  2. Select Advanced Search;
  3. Select the Temporal tab;
  4. In the form field labeled Min Duration (years), enter 20 or 20.0 (either an integer or a floating point value will work just fine);
  5. Select the Submit button.

As of this writing, the search example shown above returns 1047 matches. (Wow, that’s a lot of long-term data!) You can, of course, narrow your search results by entering additional search criteria in the Advanced Search form. There is also a Max Duration (years) form field, which can be used by itself to specify an upper limit on the duration, or in combination with the Min Duration (years) field to match data packages with durations within a particular range, such as between 20 and 25 years.

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