Webservice for data package’ Python code generation

The EDI Data Portal now supports an additional code-generation service. Customized Python code can now be generated for all data tables, along with previously available R, Matlab, SAS and SPSS code. The generated Python code uses the Pandas module to generate Pandas “data frames” and produce some data summaries. The code can then be modified to perform user-specified analysis.

The idea for adding the Python code generation came from Stace Beaulieu  (Northeast U.S. Shelf Long-Term Ecological Research) and Mark Servilla and Duane Costa (EDI) provided sage advice on which of the many candidate Python data structures would be most useful.  John Porter (Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research) added the Python code generation into the existing web service ( and Duane Costa then modified the EDI Data Portal infrastructure so that code generation links automatically appear at the bottom of the listing for every EDI data package that includes one or more data tables.

Please contact John with any questions regarding the Python, R , SAS and SPSS stylesheets (email:, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research).

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