EDI repository system upgrades

The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) technical team is planning to upgrade all infrastructure servers with the latest Long Term Support version (18.04) of the Ubuntu operating system (OS) during April. This upgrade will bring parity to all servers managed by EDI and will ensure timely OS updates, which bring both new features and security to the systems. EDI will begin this process by first upgrading the development environment, followed next by the staging environment, and then finally the production environment. This sequence allows us to formulate and test a solid upgrade plan, while evaluating re-configured software applications, including the use of OS-based Tomcat and Jetty servlet containers and the Nginx front-end web server. In addition, all SSL certificates will be provisioned by LetsEncrypt, a non-profit certificate authority run by Internet Security Research Group. Our upgraded infrastructure will position EDI to operate a seamless and secure infrastructure well into the future.

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