EML Congruence Checker (ECC) adds new checks for file size

A pair of new EML Congruence Checks will ensure the intended data file(s) are supplied by comparing precise file size in bytes to that specified in the metadata. Already the checker compares checksums (as documented in the optional EML authentication element) to ensure the correct file was received. But for some sites that check was not useful because authentication checksums were not practical to obtain as part of the data package metadata generation process. The new file size checks are offered as a more convenient option.

Following the pattern of previous checks, the first check inspects the metadata to see if file size is present and if the unit is specified as “byte”. If so, then the second check compares the documented value to the size of the file received by PASTA+. The first check generates a warning if size is absent. The second check issues an error if the sizes do not match. The working group discussed how units of KB, MB, and GB are more human readable than bytes for any but the smallest files. However, the data portal automatically renders file size with the most appropriate unit, in parenthesis to the right of the entity name, solving that problem.

These checks will be available on the staging portal (portal-s) on April 15 and in production on May 15. New checks are deployed to PASTA+ twice per year, in spring and fall. The ECC working group, with members from both EDI and LTER, has been advising development of the Quality Engine in PASTA+ since 2012. Members include D. Costa, M. O’Brien, J. Downing, S. Bohm and M. Gastil-Buhl.

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