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New Approach to Data Publishing Training

The Environmental Data Initiative has added a new approach to our data publication training services. Rather than sending your technical staff off-site for a week-long training event, a member of our team will travel to your research organization and conduct a condensed 2 day workshop covering the 5 phases of data publication and consult you in design and implement a data publication workflow that best meets your needs. This approach offers several benefits: (1) It facilitates development of a robust data publication workflow by accommodating participation of all personnel involved in the data-collection-to-use pipeline. (2) It allows us to quickly identify and offer solutions to unique and challenging features of your workflows. (3) It informs EDI of novel use cases that are not currently supported, but should be. (4) It saves time and resources for you and EDI. If you are an interested field station, research program, or primary investigator, please contact

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