Associating Data Packages in the EDI Repository with Journal Article Citations

A new feature has been developed for the EDI Repository that supports the association of data packages in the repository with journal articles that cite them. For a given data package (as specified by its package identifier), a logged-in user of the EDI Data Portal can enter information on a web form about a journal article in cases where the data package or its associated data are cited by the article. Journal articles that used that dataset, but did not cite the dataset DOI, may also be included.  Only the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or the URL of the journal article needs to be entered, though a user may optionally include the article title and the journal title. This information is permanently stored within the EDI Repository (unless later deleted by the same logged-in user) as well as incorporated into the DOI metadata for a data package that is sent to DataCite. It is also displayed on the summary page for the data package in the EDI Data Portal, e.g.,, which has been used by three papers.


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