Viewing Provenance Relationships in the EDI Data Portal

Many of the data packages in the EDI Data Repository contain metadata listing the data sources that the data package is derived from. Data sources may be data packages in the EDI Data Repository or links to data sets that are external to the repository. The EDI Data Portal displays these provenance relationships on the data package summary page. A good example is LAGOS-NE-LIMNO v1.087.1: A module for LAGOS-NE, a multi-scaled geospatial and temporal database of lake ecological context and water quality for thousands of U.S. Lakes: 1925-2013. When you view this data package in the data portal, scroll down to the Provenance section to see the list of ninety data packages that this data package is derived from! All ninety source data packages can be viewed by clicking on the links provided. The repository keeps track of these provenance relationships in both directions, so when you view any of the source data packages (for example: Acadia National Park, U.S. National Park Service using Lakes and Stream Monitoring Protocol for National Parks in the Northeast Temperate Network, Version 1.1 (2006-2011) you will see links back to any derived data packages that use this data package as one of its data sources!

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