EML Assembly Line R code package available

The Ecological Metadata Language (EML) is a metadata standard developed by the ecological community for persistence, discoverability, and reuse of ecological data. EML extends the data lifespan allowing new insights and knowledge to be derived many years from now. While the highly detailed .xml structure of EML is necessary to organize and make searchable the metadata content, it confronts the inexperienced data provider with a steep learning curve that few have time to tackle. To overcome this we’ve created the EML Assembly Line, a linear process helping you craft high quality EML yourself! The EML Assembly Line is useful for publishing one-off datasets or providing a foundation for an EML factory. The EML Assembly Line R code package is available for download and development at our GitHub ( See you there!

2 thoughts on “EML Assembly Line R code package available”

  1. Hi Judah,

    Susanne (EDI training and outreach coordinator) is currently publishing most of our posts, though the content may be authored by other EDI team members.

    For more information on the EMLassemblyline R code package please refer to the GitHub repository linked to in the news item above. This package is a collection of fancy wrapper functions for the EML R code package developed by Boettiger et al. 2017. The GitHub repo for this work is located at

    If this doesn’t answer your question please reply here or send email to


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