Welcome to EDI

The Environmental Data Initiative is an NSF-funded project meant to accelerate curation and archive of environmental data, emphasizing data from projects funded by the NSF DEB.  Programs served include Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB), Organization for Biological Field Stations (OBFS), Macrosystems Biology (MSB), and Long Term Ecological Research (LTER).

EDI plays an important role in the data life cycle of the target resesarch projects. EDI supports data preservation through the development of a repository architecture called PASTA+.  By defining content standards for themes of data (e.g., populations and communities), EDI improves data discovery and enables data synthesis.  EDI's support of the adoption of common tools and best practices by information managers makes data processing more efficient.   

Data Life Cycle

EDI is a distributed organization, with personnel located at the University of Wisconsin, University of New Mexico, and UC Santa Barbara.